On the Emptiness of Fashion

This article is being written by a young woman who loves clothes. A young woman who has followed the fashion industry for most of her life. A young woman who has modeled and lived in three of the world’s fashion capitols, London, Paris and New York. I need to tell you this so that you don’t think I’m writing a hate piece on an industry that has rejected me. It hasn’t. In fact, it has embraced me, and there was a time when I embraced it, but I’m not so young and silly these days.

I place the modern day fashion industry on the left brain side of things, with wall street and with being a machine of a human. A fancy sheep in the herd, but a sheep nonetheless. New York fashion week just ended, and as always- the more I got involved in it, the emptier I felt.

Here is my list of observations from the past few years, and from the many fashion weeks and fashion events I’ve attended.

1. The little fashion bloggers. Oh my God these people are everywhere and they are so irritating. They are running around, obsessively taking photos of daring outfits, and posting them to their little blogs. The more daring the outfit, the better. Put a shoe or a pineapple on your head. Wear a ballet tutu and shoes shaped like carrots. Put some meat on it, like a steak or a pork chop sewn onto your skirt.

I really don’t mind or care if you choose to do any of these things. I might even like it. What I can’t stand is the trend to be as weird as possible. I can’t stand anything mindless, especially mindless following, and that is exactly why these little fashion bloggers represent. Mindless following.

2. The trend to be different.  There was a time when everyone would dress kind of the same. There was a trend and it was trendy to be in trend. Style was about the individual touches, about subtlety. I’m not saying I want this uniformed past back-it was too limiting and too harsh, and I like some space to breathe. What I am saying is that we fool ourselves if we think that we are any different now. We are just as limited, but our limitations are ironic. Fashion week these days brings all sorts of weird and unique outfits, but just how unique are they when the trend  is to be unique? True style is buried beneath the trend to be unique.

3. The big fashion bloggers. These are the ones who get to sit front row and don’t have to run around taking photos of trendy people because the little bloggers are taking photos of them. Their career is basically to make a blog that makes their life seem as glamorous as possible. Oh and to find the weirdest head piece, or whatever.

4. Fashion week crowds. The cool people going through their party invites and thinking about where the other cool people will be, and which cool people they can be photographed with. These same cool people at parties, doing the same thing. Instagramming. Always instagramming.

In the meantime, the less cool people are going internet crazy trying to get into the coolest parties because they want to hang out with those cool people I mentioned above.  Lots of talk about this list and that list,  this party and that party, and who and where. More instagraming, obviously, especially if they manage to get into one of the parties. Serious Instagram overload if they get a photo with one of the cool people. Let’s not forget what happens afterwards. The boasting. Wow, these people love to go around telling their friends who they hung out with and where they went. Their friends say, “wow!”  Their friend think that they are the cool people.

5. Fashion people don’t dance. They go to parties with great music but they stand around bobbing their heads. Their eyes bounce around the room like ping pong balls. All they really care about is who is there, who they want to be seen with, and who they want to be seen by.

I have much more to write on this subject but I’ll stop here because I think my 5 points give the general outline of why I think fashion week is actually kind of uncool. It’s basically an exhibition of how empty the fashion industry is becoming. Fashion was once art. It was about expression, about beauty, and about individuality. Now it is all business and silly silly people who make that business prosper. On a freezing night in New York hundreds of people stand in line on the street waiting to get into a party. The lucky few don’t have to wait-they either are someone, they know someone, or they are  sneaky enough to find a quick way it. But what is inside that they are all desperate for? They don’t seem to realize that inside will be all the same people that they are already with  outside, and they don’t realize how automatically uncool they all are anyway for standing in that line for hours on  a freezing freezing New York night.

p.s.. look up how much Beyonce gets paid to sit in the front row at New York fashion week.

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